The Letter

by Britt Kusserow

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Inspired by a letter from a soldier to the man he loved in secret.


In seven years serving I traveled alone
Stationed with company, never quite home
And I saw some visions I'd rather not say
But you are the sight I return to today

Not quite as brash as I had been before
Face pulled by gravity, hastened by war
But somehow you managed to even the score
And I saw in you what I was fighting for

Maybe some knew but kept our secret safe
It's hard to judge when you're in such a place
Then came the moments I thought I saw grace
Sneaking away just to wake to your face

I should have stayed when they showed me the door
Jumped off that ship, should have swum to the shore
A heart it can mend, but the scars they are sore
Smooth like a bullet, as hard to ignore

So I found a place on the edge of this town
I worked with the sun and then drank that sun down
I had some lovers, and one stuck around
For forty more years we've belonged to this ground

These days I don't see well, so he takes my hand
Lucky that I found this kind of a man
But he doesn't know, though he might understand
When the eyes cannot see, there's a heart that still can

That's all, my dear, and it will never change
As time's growing shadow is now more like shade
They never caught us, and I never strayed
I was not a righteous man, but oh, how I've prayed
All these years later, I'd still make the trade




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Britt Kusserow Los Angeles, California

I enjoy looking at the camera, the Southern and Northern Hemispheres, Christmas, summer camp, tattoos, Ultimate Frisbee, constellations, and being barefoot in the fruit shop.

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