How Freely We'd Fly

by Britt Kusserow

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"How Freely We'd Fly" was written and recorded during the years I lived as an expat in New Zealand, since I could not sponsor my foreign-born partner at the time for a US Green Card (because same-sex relationships were not yet recognized on a federal level). We were often temporarily separated or threatened with separation during our years together due to not being citizens of each other's homelands.

I do not know what it is like to seek sanctuary from a war torn country. I do not know what it is like to be denied access to my family. But I am somewhat familiar with that tight fist of fear, with the fleeting thought that, this time, one of us may not get through.

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how freely we'd fly:

we make up all these metaphors
for separation by the shores
and leaving you, to love you more

drafted to familiar lands
such conflict born by calloused hands
and creeds that I don't understand

how freely we'd fly!
if land was not coveted
love was not defined

how hurtful they've been!
quick in their confidence
slow to amend

we say it's 1939
i'm off to war to serve my time
your prayers will find me every night

strengthened such by absences
the only thing I promise is
to love the girl, and hate the fight

how hurtful they've been!
repeating history
blood, sweat, and sin

one wave of a hand
slow, like a lingered death
quick as the sand

if love were kind and folks were fair
I could take you anywhere
but we are neither here, nor there

this even shall pass
ruth and naomi's strength overcame wrath
hearts change with the song
so I will sing tirelessly -
we shall be strong


music and lyrics by Britt Kusserow
produced by Adam Muehlhausen



all rights reserved


Britt Kusserow Los Angeles, California

I enjoy looking at the camera, the Southern and Northern Hemispheres, Christmas, summer camp, tattoos, Ultimate Frisbee, constellations, and being barefoot in the fruit shop.

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